People have used saunas and steam rooms for ages to detox the body by inducing sweat to cleanse the body of its impurities. Almost all cultures have a version of the steam room, from the Russian banya and the American Indian sweat lodge to the Finnish Sauna and the Turkish Hamman. Sweat baths are a common meeting place in most cultures and are used by people from all walks of life.

When you begin to sweat profusely, the skin on your body can turn oil soluble and turn lipid-based toxins into water-based solubles, which can be easily expelled and excreted through the sweat coming out of your pores.

Cleans Pores

Using a steam room or sauna will also help your complexion by deeply cleaning your pores through increasing the flow of blood to your skin and bringing moisture to areas that might not have sufficient hydration.

Helps Fight Off Colds

Using a sauna or a steam bath tricks the body into thinking that it is sick and forces it to sweat in an attempt to expel the impurities. Because many malicious organisms cannot survive in your body when its temperature is elevated, the body’s immune system then has a greater chance to fight the off the remaining organisms.

Relieves Stress and Injury

The heat of a steam room and sauna will loosen tension in muscles and allow areas that are usually stiff or not flexible to stretch. When body temperature is increased, the chance of pulling a muscle decreases because of the increased amount of blood flow through the body.


pure green coffee bean extract

As summer quickly approaches and the sun continues to shine longer, finding a premium natural weight loss supplement such as pure green coffee bean extract will help burn excess body fat much quicker than ordinary diet and exercise.

There are times when losing weight requires a little extra boost to complement healthy activity and dietary habits.

Recently, a new clinical medical study indicated that little boost may come from the pure green coffee bean extract.

The “miracle green coffee superbean” was presented by top universities and medical establishments around the country for its perceived health benefits of supporting optimal fat metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

The number of debunked natural health alternatives for weight loss including supplements has steadily increased over the past few years.

Asking why the extract of pure green coffee beans could be any different than all the other miracles is wise to do: but green coffee bean extract seems to relate as everything that deals with the versatile coffee plant is valuable, and now science has found a way to extract the pure substance found only in raw green coffee beans.

The beneficial substance comes from the fresh green seeds found inside the red coffee cherry berries: the essence of the coffee beans.

As science and technology continues to evolve together, pure green coffee bean extract was featured and administered in a double-blind, placebo controlled human pilot study for 12 weeks.

The weight loss results amazed researchers along with the world’s leading green coffee bean extract researcher, Dr Joe Vinson. The controlled green coffee bean extract study featured just 16 participants who were advised not to make any dramatic changes to diet or exercise routines. The results concluded 3 months of use, at a green coffee extract dose of 800mg were profound.

After 12 weeks of rigorous evaluation, green coffee and weight loss have been associated with one another ever since.

As every participant experienced an average of 1 pound per week, researchers found a consistent pure green coffee extract dose allowed for the main benefits of untreated green coffee beans to have positive influence towards natural weight loss.

What is Pure Green Coffee Bean’s magical extract? Chlorogenic acid.

Not only did green coffee’s chlorogenic acid extract help accelerate the body’s weight loss mechanisms, but it inhibited and slowed down glucose intake allowing for blood-sugar levels to balance out.

Because of the small successful study results concluded from dieting with pure green coffee bean extract, it was published in the prestigious the “Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal” as an effective body fat burner and fat metabolism booster.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract: Featured on and Recommended Dr Oz Tv Show

The world’s most recognized and known doctor featured his miracle fat burner to be green coffee bean extract.

While Dr Oz did not recommend any green coffee supplement over another, viewers and audience were cautioned to make sure and find a pure green coffee extract for optimal results and effects.

Finding a quality Green Coffee Extract Supplement will ensure the pure chlorogenic acid extract maintains all of its beneficial compounds and enzymes.

Similar to the popular green tea extract, the pure green coffee extract contains many more promising health benefits than just losing weight faster.

The natural compound also provides and acts as a potent antioxidant towards harmful free oxygen radical damage. Due to the way cellular health has evolved over the past decade, science now points to metabolic waste (free radicals) as one of the main culprits for poor health and longevity in today’s society.

Green Coffee Bean Extract also seems to aid in the support of balancing blood-sugar levels which can potentially lower the body’s hyperglycemic peak which is the rate at which glucose (sugar) is absorbed in the body.

Too much excess sugar in the standard American diet ultimately turns to body fat and becomes toxic in nature. The body’s carbohydrate and fat metabolism hormone insulin gets overworked as a result. This in turn makes the body produce fat to safely engulf or swallow the toxins as a defense mechanism to render them useless.

The problem: most diets consumed do not allow for timely and proper elimination of the accumulation of these toxins and free radicals and dramatically accelerates the aging process. Along with faster aging, weight gain can quickly follow and cause a number of health challenges such as diabetes and obesity.

Many turn to fat burning supplements for an extra boost and motivation towards being consistent about weight loss goals.

Just as Dr Oz mentioned, understand by adding a single weight loss product such as pure green coffee bean extract will never replace what a quality diet and plenty of fitness can do.

A new day has emerged in the science of health and nutrition, and to think it all could come down to pure green coffee beans for natural weight loss. Start losing weight at a comfortable rate without making significant changes will allow for more long term results towards a healthier lifestyle.

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Understanding and Lifting Depression: 5 Helpful Attitudes Aug 21st, 2012 @ 09:55 pm

“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” ~Charles R. Swindoll

People almost always misunderstand depression. I know; I used to.

My first dance with depression happened 18 years ago.(just lost my mother in a vehicular wreck ) I was in my late twenties and it totally freaked me out.

When you’re depressed, your perception of pretty much everything changes.

Except you don’t realize that it’s your perception that’s changed, and instead it feels like the world has turned bad. If you’ve been depressed you’ll know what I’m talking about.

It goes something like this …

One day you feel confident and happy, and then the next day, ugh!

All the ideas and plans you have now seem ridiculous; your thoughts become morbid; and boy do you feel sluggish and sleepy; and why (yawn) is your boyfriend/friend/parent/spouse being so critical and mean all of a sudden?

And if that’s not enough, the world seems more abrasive—as if someone’s turned up the volume and taken off your sunglasses.

This is what happened to me. I cried. I felt sorry for myself—and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I felt so bad: I had loads of friends and an awesome girlfriend; I’d recently been accepted into the Post Graduate Masters Degree program adult Psychiatry .

Life was good. Or it would be if I only could stop crying!

Finally I went to the doctor, which made me feel better because the doctor told me I had a chemical imbalance in my brain; but then she told me I was “depressed,” which made me cry again since I thought depression was for negative people with no plans for their life.

So that was that. I was depressed. I had an illness. I took the medication and kind of, sort of started to feel better.

But after a year things started to change—and I don’t remember why I started doing this; maybe I read it somewhere—but I stopped taking antidepressants, and whenever a “flat” period would come I’d watch it with as much distance as I could summon.

I started to notice that if I just let the “flatness” be and stopped worrying about it, my perception about something would shift, and as it did, the depression would lift.

The more times this happened the more I began to trust that it was going to happen. And always, there standing on the other side of the flatness, was an understanding that made my life richer, less stressful, and more pleasant, well worth the ticket of entry.

Back then I had very little sense of self-care. I pretty much treated myself like a machine—a friendly, do anything for anyone, study-hard, play-hard machine.

Looking back, it’s not surprising I was depressed, or that it would lift once I started taking better care of myself.

Other shifts included the realizations that I was creative (back then I thought creativity was for other people) and that I was spiritual being, connected to all things.

I stopped seeing depression as a disease, and started to see it as a symptom of imbalance—a self-imposed silence allowing the space for a new healthier belief/ understanding to emerge.

Or as a friend of mine puts it, “Depression is your friend.”

I like how Kahlil Gibran explains it too:

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. Even as the stone of the fruit must break, that its heart may stand in the sun, so must you know pain.” ~Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

For a number of years that was how I understood depression, but it wasn’t until more recently when I spent the best part of a year being silent that I understood more fully what was going on.

My “year of silence” is another story, but, in short, it involved me metaphorically throwing my hands in the air saying, “I am so over repeating these old habits. How do I make this stop?!”

One of the things that emerged from my year of silence was an appreciation of the scale of madness of the mind and how to differentiate myself from my mind.

We live in a world focused on strengthening the mind and listening to it above all else. But when we do this, we get out of balance. The truth is, our mind is only a small part of us—and it’s not the wise part. It can be the worrying, negative, computer like part.

A friend of mine explains depression as what happens when you listen to your mind at the expense of your heart for too long—ignoring the natural flow of your life and your inner wisdom.

He says, “Depression is your heart stepping aside temporarily.”

This explains why you feel so down on yourself. The unpleasantness of depression is what it feels like to use your mind without full use of your heart, since your heart is the bit that loves and feels connected and joyful.

So often you hear people say how they “beat” depression by taking up skydiving or some other new behavior, but probably it’s the other way around. The depression lifted because the message to take up skydiving was received. The depression’s job was done.

If you’re going through a depressed period, it may help to adopt these attitudes:

Non-Judging. It is what it is, and it will pass, so there’s no point in judging it.

Live Kindly. Eat well, exercise where you can, and continue to live. Be gentle with yourself. It can sometimes be helpful to talk to someone.

Mind your Mind. Try and stand back from your mind and know that much of what your mind is telling you is incorrect. Know that your mind is operating alone while you heart takes a little rest—which is why you feel so bad and why you can’t feel as much love for yourself or others.

Silence. Add a little “down time” to your life. Instead of watching TV or trawling Facebook, take some time out and try just sitting. The thing you’re looking for is not outside of you, but within you. Meditation can be helpful too.

Be Safe. Often depression comes with morbid thoughts. Monitor these. They’re just thoughts, and they will pass as the flatness lifts, but at any stage if you feel unsafe, ask someone for help.

I write about a lot of things, but this is the first time I’ve written my thoughts on depression because it’s so often judged.

The reality is that most people experience some degree of depression, or as I like to call it flatness, at some time in their lives. It is a normal reaction felt by just about everyone—and we can all get past