letting Jesus speak to the storm.

Sometimes you find yourself waiting; waiting for your time, your victory, your success, your change. You wait patiently, and quietly. You follow the rules and take responsibility for your actions. You speak truth, and show love. But you're still waiting.

Today, it's time; time to shout for your victory. It's time to declare your success. Its time to anticipate your change. It's time for those walls to fall. It's time to praise God before the storm, because during the storm, you'll be relaxing and letting Jesus speak to the storm.

It's time to thank the Lord for a skilled sailor in your boat. And it's time to stop marching around your walls, and shout those walls down in praise. The wait is over. Every storm has a calm, and every wall eventually falls. So today, praise God and anticipate your turnaround, and have a conquering Monday.



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