People have used saunas and steam rooms for ages to detox the body by inducing sweat to cleanse the body of its impurities. Almost all cultures have a version of the steam room, from the Russian banya and the American Indian sweat lodge to the Finnish Sauna and the Turkish Hamman. Sweat baths are a common meeting place in most cultures and are used by people from all walks of life.

When you begin to sweat profusely, the skin on your body can turn oil soluble and turn lipid-based toxins into water-based solubles, which can be easily expelled and excreted through the sweat coming out of your pores.

Cleans Pores

Using a steam room or sauna will also help your complexion by deeply cleaning your pores through increasing the flow of blood to your skin and bringing moisture to areas that might not have sufficient hydration.

Helps Fight Off Colds

Using a sauna or a steam bath tricks the body into thinking that it is sick and forces it to sweat in an attempt to expel the impurities. Because many malicious organisms cannot survive in your body when its temperature is elevated, the body’s immune system then has a greater chance to fight the off the remaining organisms.

Relieves Stress and Injury

The heat of a steam room and sauna will loosen tension in muscles and allow areas that are usually stiff or not flexible to stretch. When body temperature is increased, the chance of pulling a muscle decreases because of the increased amount of blood flow through the body.


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