It is God who Heals

Seeking healing in the wrong places, who hasn’t been guilty of this? It has been a lesson that I have learnt at a price, but the learning and acceptance of what truly brings healing has given me freedom, healing and release when I finally found out the source of all healing. The first true step towards healing was when I began to understand that I was God’s vessel, created for His good pleasure and created to be holy and noble, with this understanding came the realisation that I had to begin to learn to love and treat myself according to God’s own will and not my own, this truth caused me to begin to change in my spirit, emotions, thinking and behaviours.

All true healing comes from God when I say God, I mean the fullness of God (father, Son and Holy Spirit) this is the same way that God wants to fully heal and restore us in body, soul and spirit this is the promise of fullness of Life which Yeshua speaks of in John 10:10. I call it experiencing God’s Shabbat Shalom or Divine Rest and Peace, but God gives a different revelation to everyone when they enter into that place of healing. What revelation of healing has God prepared for you?

Not sure? That’s Ok.

Come follow me in my journey, I hope you will find footprints here that will lead you towards your own healing place.

Simply use the drop down categories, to discover what God has been teaching me on different areas of healing.



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